Dominik Kordowiak is appointed Managing Director at IV Frohe Poland. Dominik has been working in the company for more than 15 years and was earlier the Sales & Project Manager.

He will start his new position the 1st of September 2021.

During Dominik’s long stay at Frohe Poland he has also been working in areas such as tooling, production, maintenance and engineering.

Dominik has been part of the management team in the company since 2005.

“My education is a chemistry and technology of polymers master of science with 18 years of experience in the processing of plastics. I started my career as a Production Supervisor and I worked in almost all departments before being promoted to Managing Director. Since I have been in the company for many years I have great knowledge about the customers and the company. In my new role I will focus on increasing customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in quality, deliveries and other customer service areas.” says Dominik Kordowiak- new MD

“With Dominik’s long experience at Frohe, his knowledge about the customers, the products, the injection molding technology & the project management, together with his drive and commitment to always improve, I am confident he will succeed in his assignment as managing director at IV Frohe Poland” says Magnus Emeus, CEO at IV Group.